Micro Soccer (Kindergarten)

1st - 5th Grade
$110 / player

If the registration fee is a hardship for your family, we would still love to have your child participate!

Scholarships are available on a limited basis for families that qualify.

To learn more about obtaining a scholarship, please email the registrar and leave a message requesting information on scholarship assistance. We will get back to you and let you know how to proceed.

Coaches and Team Parents
Vista Soccer Club is run by volunteers and we would always love to have your help!

Volunteers are needed to coach, be an assistant coach, or be a team parent.

Soccer Camps and
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Q&A - Asking Questions

How do I register my child to play soccer?
To register your child, simply go to the "Registration" link on the left hand side menu and follow the instructions. Also, once registered, the system will keep your information, so next year all you have to do is sign up again using the same username and password

When does Fall season/ games begin?
*U6 (Micro/ kindergarten) - Typically the second week of September.
*U7- U11 - Typically the first weekend after school begins

When do practices begin?
*Micro - There are no mid-week practices for this age group. Games begin mid-September. The Micro season is 6 weeks with a combined practice and game session each Saturday. Each 75 minute long Saturday session is divided into two parts. During the first 30 minutes, players learn drills and practice soccer skills with their coach. The next 45 minutes teams play games against the other Vista teams from that session, where scores are not kept. These games are three versus three players, with two 20 minute halves and a short break between halves. Micro is not co-ed.

Players will be divided up into small teams of 4 to 6 children, each team with a Coach and Assistant Coach.

MANDATORY PARENTS MEETING: will be held in early September in the Ainsworth Cafeteria to explain the Microsoccer program. This clinic is designed for all Microsoccer coaches and assistant coaches (no children). Weekly drills and skills will be demonstrated.

*U7-U11 - Usually the first week of school.

Where are practices held?
*Micro - Practices/ games are typically held on Saturday at Hillsdale Park next to Robert Gray Middle School.

*U7 - Healy Heights, Robert Gray or Portland Heights Park (Strohecker's Field). Fields are assigned by the Field Coordinator in late August, after field permits are granted by Portland Parks and Rec.

When are game schedules available?
Where can I find them?
*Micro - Mid-September. The Micro league coordinator will contact parents and coaches directly regarding game times and locations.

*U7 - U11 - Late August. Game schedules will be posted on Vista's website and PYSA's website, www.portlandyouthsoccer.com. Coaches will email practice and game schedules when they are available, usually the last week of August.

How long does Fall season last? How many games?
*Micro - Usually 6 weeks beginning mid-September. Typically 5 or 6 games depending on the number of teams registered.

*U7 - U11 - Games typically start in September on the first Saturday after school begins. All games are played on Saturdays (with the possibility of a few Sundays). All games will be played on Portland fields. Typically there are 8 or 9 games in the Fall season

When does Fall registration open and close?
*Micro - Registration opens June 1st and ends September 6th.
*U7 - U11 - Registration opens June 1st and closes July 22nd.

What is Vista's team formation process?
U6 & U7 Teams:

  1. Teams will be formed to insure teams have players with varied skills and abilities.
  2. Our club will form teams around elementary school attendance areas within our club, i.e., players from the same school will be placed on teams together. If the team cannot be formed from players from one school, then players from another school (at least two to insure they know someone) will be added to bring the team to the minimum number of players required.
  3. Players will be allowed to pick one player to play with as long as that player picks them as well.

Continuing Teams:

  1. Players will be allowed to stay with the same team from year-to-year if they chose to and the team has enough players to continue. Vista Soccer Club will automatically assign all returning players in the U8-U11 age groups to the same teams for which they played in the previous fall season until that team reaches its maximum roster size. As teams progress through the age groups (U8 to U11) some will need to be consolidated due to a natural decrease in players.
  2. Players may also choose to play with another team and this will be allowed as long as all of the teams in that age group have roughly the same number of players.

Special Requests:

  1. Our club will honor requests, if at all possible, for players requesting to play with one other player as long as both players request each other. Any other special requests to play with additional players may not be honored.
  2. Our club will honor requests by players to not return to the team they played on the previous year if at all possible.
  3. Our club will not guarantee placement on a specific team. Our belief is that teams need to be formed for the benefit of all players, which sometimes precludes individual requests. We believe that no matter what team a child is placed on that he or she will have an opportunity to play soccer in a fun and positive environment.

Procedure to allow as many players as possible to play:

  1. Our club will not close registration to players as long as there are teams who are not at their maximum number of players.
  2. If there are not enough players within our club to form a team at an age group, or if there are too many players for one team, we will contact neighboring clubs to attempt to combine players to insure that all players have a chance to play.

Which U (age group) is my child?

The table below shows which grades play in which divisions
K U6 3 U9
1 U7 4 U10
2 U8 5 U11

What are the registrations fees for Fall season?
Can my child "play up" with an older age group?
Yes. IF the coach agrees with your assessment of your child's abilities.

*Micro - $50,
*U7-U11 - $110

What is Vista's refund policy?
Vista Soccer Club will refund regular registration fees in full for player withdrawals if requests are made prior to July 22nd.

Withdrawal requests made on July 22nd and up until Club practices commence will receive a partial refund. Club practices will begin on Monday September 1st. VSC will charge a $30 withdrawal fee for players requesting withdrawal during this period.

No refunds will be issued for players withdrawing after September 1st.

Eligible players and schools?http://www.vistasoccerpdx.com/eligible_players_schools

Is rec soccer available for 6th - 8th grades? Yes.
The West Sylvan Soccer Club participates in the spring and fall soccer leagues organized by the PYSA. Fall League usually starts the first week of September and finishes on the 3rd week of November, and Spring League takes place in April and May. In the fall, teams practice 2 or 3 times a week with games on Saturdays, and the Spring League usually involves only weekend games.

Which team will my child be on?
Will my child be on the same team as last year?
Can my child play with his/ her friends?

I'm interested in coaching and have questions.
How can I get involved?
The coaching coordinator at vista.soccer@yahoo.com

I would like to volunteer as a board member.
How can I get involved?
Email the president at vista.soccer@yahoo.com

Does Vista have its own uniform? Yes.
Where can I purchase it?

The Far Post Soccer Supply
825 SW 14th Portland, OR 97205
PH: 503-295-6875

All members of Vista Soccer Club receive a 15% discount on all regularly priced items in the store throughout the year. In preparation for the recreational season, they offer a Knee to Toe package (Adidas) that includes a ball, shoes, and shin-guards.

Are there changes to team sizes this year? Yes.

  • U6 & U7 3 against 3 no goal keepers
  • U8 4 against 4 no goal keepers
  • U9 & U10 7 against 7 including goal keepers
  • U11 9 against 9 including goal keepers

Are scholarships available?
Yes. To learn more about obtaining a scholarship, please email the registrar and leave a message requesting information on scholarship assistance. We will get back to you and let you know how to proceed.

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